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Why Use TM-100

  • > Because it works.

  • > TM-100 is an organic, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-caustic and is safe for animal, plant and marine life.

  • > TM-100 is proven to be effective at cleaning mold on porous surfaces.

  • > TM-100 is fast and efficient.

  • > TM-100 cleans airborne spores throughout the property including the HVAC system.

  • > TM-100 neutralizes foul odors.

  • > Guaranteed results.

  • > TM-100 has over 15 years of proven results.

  • > TM-100 has been OSHA tested and independently analyzed.

  • >TM-100 saves money while still providing unsurpassed results.

TM-100 Product Line

The most important factor in mold remediation is to clean-up not only the active mold growth, but also the residual airborne spores and treatment of the HVAC system if applicable. TM-100 is our key to doing this effectively, quickly and more affordable than traditional remediation practices. TM-100 is molds natural enemy, a complex blend of enzymes that biodegrades the mold spore leaving behind only a fresh scent.

The Natural Advantage

We don't believe that introducing toxic chemicals to eliminate toxic mold is the way to go. Not when there are better, safer solutions out there. So we use the exclusive TM-100 formulation, licensed to only a few companies. Many have tried to duplicate and imitate, but the fact is that TM-100 has been in use for 15 years, longer than any other so-called "green" products in the industry.

Clean Air Environment

When we are done, you can rest assured that the mold has been cleaned-up. Trace spores throughout the home have been treated and the HVAC system has been cleared of mold spores. This is done without the introduction of toxins like biocides, pesticides and even bleach. All of these chemicals can have an adverse effect on people, plants and animals. Not only that, but dead spores can cause allergic reactions in the same way as living spores. TM-100 doesn't kill the mold, it eliminates it. Almost as important, as shown in an independent OSHA test, TM-100 will not leave behind any VOC's (volatile organic compounds) that many toxic chemicals do. Simply said, our Five Step solution leaves you with a healthier, cleaner home, guaranteed.